Cover Tunes - 2013

Cover TunesJust when we think we have him all figured out, waiting to see what last great cover song he will choose to finish up the Under the Cover CD Single Series with, Michael Charles “changes his tune”.  Simple, true, dynamic, and the way it is explains the title track, unexpectedly and ironically named “Cover Tunes”, on this Disc 5 of the “Under the Covers” CD Single Series. As the time neared to finish the series MC found an urge to highlight the cover tunes with an original and in this he treats us to an encapsulated version of his life.  Expressive, spot on, and a testament to realty, he is able to transmit the experience through to us. Extending the fascination MC selected the Smith and Dixon song,  Big Boss Man holding  a common  denominator  most of us can all relate to.  In addition to MC’s original, a second surprise on Disc 5 is the additional bonus cut.   The live version  of the Hawkins / Darnell’s  “The Thrill Is Gone” is a cool acoustic cut recorded  during a college concert performance.  There’s a track four sharing a recent radio excerpt in Lincoln Nebraska USA discussing the Under  the Cover CD Single Series .    An unedited version of “Cover Tunes” becomes the sixth and final track and maybe ends this CD, but the story is far from over. As always with the  “Under the Covers” series, the songs are released for the fans.   Photographs taken by Barbara Beden and Derek Los are featured on this artwork and we appreciate their support and talent. We also thank Michael’s family for supplying pictures from the family album. Once again we thank Jamie Coghill of Dex Audio in Melbourne Australia for his talented consistency throughout the entire series. 

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